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Short-term counselling can be helpful in times of crisis, loss or transition, or as a reflective space, in which you can reassess your life's priorities, set goals and review progress.


Often 1-10 sessions can be sufficient to refocus, depending on the gravity of the events that may bring you to therapy, and whether you then become aware of, and/or motivated to explore, deeper issues.

The length and specific approach of therapy is a collaborative process at the intersection of my skills and experience, and your specific needs at this particular time on your journey.


Ultimately, I believe you have an inner knowing that can, once reawakened and empowered, effectively guide you through life's challenges.


As your therapist, I offer my empathy, warmth, intuition, and conscious intention, in service of your short/medium-term needs, and desired longer term direction.

My approach to counselling integrates humanistic, person-centred, body and breath awareness, and mindfulness strategies.


Longer term psychotherapy can be helpful when you become aware of ineffective coping patterns, and/or unprocessed emotions, associated with past traumas and painful events, that keep arising to be healed.


Within 10-20 sessions significant changes can occur in areas of your life that, prior to therapy, felt impossible.


When there are multiple areas of concern, or deeper emotional wounds, longer term (20+ sessions) can provide the necessary ongoing support needed for change to become possible, integrated, and maintained.

The length and specific approach of therapy is a collaborative process and reviewed regularly.

Longer term therapy fosters the opportunity to build a stronger therapeutic basis from which deeper work can be undertaken safely.

My approach to psychotherapy integrates attachment, psychodynamic, somatic, internal family systems, and trauma sensitivity.

Loredana Puñal
0414 839 632
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