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Therapeutic aims

My primary aim is to create a safe, warm, empathic, non-judgemental and inclusive therapeutic space, in which you can attend to both everyday life and health challenges, as well as the deeper issues arising as a result of past traumatic events or adverse childhood experiences.


My work aims to promote sustainable change in people's lives, integrating and weaving aspects of different approaches, however primarily tuning into what each client, each session, organically allows for.

Therapeutic approach

(1) Somatic & Holistic - honouring the unity or alignment of mind-body-soul/spirit/purpose;

(2) Psychodynamic & Relational - honouring the effect of early experiences, particularly early relational experiences and attachment injuries;

(3) Systemic & Parts work - honouring the multiplicity of the self (we have many parts), and cultivating a compassionate and curious Self-led experience.

(4) Grief work - honouring the losses, tangible and intangible, as indication of our heart's desires.

Therapeutic foundations

The pillars above exist on a foundation of strong anchors in attachment theory, lifespan and childhood development, polyvagal/nervous system theory, and complex trauma awareness and sensitivity.

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