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My personal journey

It was nearly two decades ago that a number of challenging life events converged to unsettle life as I knew it. Losing a parent to cancer, going through a divorce, having a challenging relationship with the other parent, and coming to terms with a desire to change careers.

It was in the depths of grief,  loss and change, and sometimes despair, that I connected with a desire to heal from past trauma and hurts. Along the way, I have grappled with emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, perfectionism, anger, body image issues, fertility issues, miscarriage and conflictual close relationships.

I have come to know and heal, and continue healing, from the impact of adverse childhood experiences, the impact of migration and relocation within the context of childhood development, as well as the impact of inter-generational trauma and addiction patterns.

My own journey towards healing included, and includes, personal development and growth, individual and group therapy, conscious and authentic relating and parenting, yoga and meditation, embodied mindfulness practice facilitated by bushwalks, ocean swims, and creative pursuits.

Life continues to provide opportunities for processing, healing and growth, as challenges are never in short supply. These challenges are a very different experience from a more embodied and empowered self.

My professional journey

Before training as counsellor and psychotherapist, I spent over a decade in the corporate information, technology and telecommunications industry, after graduating with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and Diploma of Engineering Practice, from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

In 2008, I completed a Diploma of Counselling at The Hammond Institute (formerly known as The College of Holistic Counselling). This laid the foundations of my humanistic and holistic approach to counselling and solidified person-centred and compassionate skills as the basis of my therapeutic work.

In 2019, I completed a Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy at the Jansen Newman Institute, under the Torrens University Australia. My skills expanded into deeper and longer-term psychotherapeutic work, supporting individuals to make more significant and lasting changes.

In 2021, I completed a year long Somatic Training Program with the Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy, Sydney, Australia. This has expanded my own capacity for embodiment and nervous system regulation, and has given me the theoretical foundation to continue to support my clients on their own embodiment journeys.

I am actively pursuing continuing education opportunities to expand my understanding and skills, in the areas of somatic psychotherapy, working with complex trauma, internal family systems/parts work, and psychodynamic approaches.

​I am deeply committed to regular quality supervision and mentoring, to support my high ethical and integrity standards. Peer and collegial support is also one of my invaluable resources for which I am very grateful.

Loredana Puñal
0414 839 632
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